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Mansueto Group is distributor and stocks superior body care and hygene products ranging from finest brands, your chief stews will find Molton Brown, Bvlgari, L’Occitane, Naturalmente, Acqua di Parma and other renowned manufacturers always in stock and ready for delivery. Your guests can relax and use top quality products, soaps, creams and body oils to start every single charter day feeling good in their shapes or simply relaxing after a playful and “tiring” day before laying down for the night.


On the other side we stock as well a wide range of brands to keep your galley, bathrooms and laundry clean and sanitized against the everyday dirty. All stews, chefs and mates just need to ask for a product and we will deliver straight away onboard, from glass cleaners to dishwasher soaps, descalers/degreasers, deodorants, rugs, demineralised water for ironing, washing powders/liquids, alcohol etc.

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